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In my spare time I try to watch as many films and tv series, and play as many PC/PS3 games as possible

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    Film Watched: 19/9/14 The Darjeeling Limited

    The camera on my iPod is just terrible. Anyway, here’s all the free stuff I got in work today. Because Disney Infinity 2 is officially launched! There’s about £250 worth of stuff on that table (if I added it up correctly. Either way, it’s a lot). Wow! I’ll probably end up buying a Ronan character when he’s released, cause you know, Lee Pace. Man, you wouldn’t believe the amount of playsets and figures that were in the office when they were all delivered!


    Catpeople by Ortie.

    On Tumblr.

    I feel like I should wear a sign around my neck that says “Not being intentionally rude, just seriously lacking social skills”


    Me as a mother


    This retro CAPTAIN AMERICA poster is one of the best pieces of promotional art I’ve seen this year but sadly it’s not something you’ll ever see in your local theater promoting the film. It’s instead a gift from Marvel to the cast and crew of CAPTAIN AMERICA handed out at the wrap party. Only 100 of the posters were printed so if you have yourself a copy, consider yourself pretty lucky (or consider yourself Tommy Lee Jones).

    The art was created by Paolo Rivera, who pitched Marvel on doing the actual art for the one-sheet. Paramount, not surprisingly, had some other ideas, and Marvel instead commissioned Rivera for the limited edition print you see here. And for all those sick of Photoshop in posters, pretty much everything you see here was done with pencil, ink and paint (even the lettering). And that’s pretty damn cool

    Film Watched: 15/9/14 Captain America: The First Avenger


    Photos from a Studio Ghibli exhibit in Seoul, South Korea.


    Sandra Gustafsson


    lotr meme | 6/7 places


    Film Watched: 14/9/14 Finding Vivian Maier